Apr 23, 2008


As we were walking to our car to go home after giving birth to my son, a stranger beamed at us for having a newborn and told us to start his KiwiSaver. I really did not realize that I could do that for a minor, but I'm in the process of completing the information to apply for his KiwiSaver.

In January, J had applied for his but it was only this month that his first contribution got deducted from his salary. It would take 3 months before IRD releases information regarding his his 3-month contributions together with the one-off $1,000 government kick-start. My application was recently sent in the mail. The reason for the delay was the review I did of the providers and of which scheme I'd like to invest in. I decided on ING's Lifetimes option. I'm going to invest our baby's KiwiSaver with ING as well.

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