Apr 10, 2008

My Debt Frustration

As you can see in the right panel, the credit card debt bar is now gone. I've decided to remove it because it was useless to move back and forth adjusting it. We are still using our credit cards to accumulate more debt. What's the point, right? Unlike our car loan, student loan, and hire purchases (TV and lounge) that are decreasing steadily every month, our credit cards go up and down. It's still a goal to pay off credit card debt this year but at this time I'm just getting frustrated with its lack of systematic deductions.

The other night I told J that I will stop stressing about paying off debts because we are doing something about it and I will be back to work soon, which means I'll be back to earning my regular salary. In 3 months, we are again up for salary reviews and I know that we'll get our increases. We are paying debts little by little. We are not hopeless.

I also worked out tax-related questions today and found out that I'll get a refund of $1,024. Windfall!!! I also made the decision to channel all that money to our car loan payments.

So it still looks like our goals will be met by the end of this year. Yay to us!


  1. Just a question as to why you are putting that money towards your car loan instead of your credit cards? I would think that the interest rate on the cards would be higher.

  2. Good question, Jason! You actually got me thinking there.

    I thought that by the time I get the money (in August), we'd have paid off the credit cards. I'm gonna be more aggressive starting next month when I get back to work.

    Should we don't pay off the CCs, I will use the windfall to pay CC debts. Thanks!

  3. I can totally relate to the frustration with the cards. Even though we cut ours up, the accounts are still open and it's very possible to "use" them w/o the plastic in your hand. We've already fallen victim to this and it's frustrating indeed after-the-fact!