Apr 10, 2008

Deals we enjoyed in NZ

We are going to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of our move to NZ this year. Hubs and I have our likes and dislikes about living here, but our most liked are the deals we've taken advantage of.

Fuel discounts
We love this! When you spend a certain amount (I think at least $40) at supermarkets, you get the fuel voucher. During Easter, Pak'N'Save gave out 20 cents off per litre! Most of the year you'd perhaps get something between 4 and 10 cents.

The Deal
We have gotten pretty good deals from this website. The latest to boast are the 2 new heaters for less than $200, and they are really functioning well.

Entertainment Book
Hubs and I wined and dined at a few fancy places and enjoyed great take-aways and got awesome discounts, thanks to Entertainment Book. I said "few" because it stopped during my pregnancy. I was sensitive in the first trimester and then we just sort of forgot all about it. It's annually renewed and now that it's expiring soon, we felt a sense of urgency to maximize it. Unfortunately we are in the process of altering our entertainment expenses and can't really do this. Books vary from location to location and cost $55 here in Wellington. I suggest you try it out!

Grab a Seat
Cheap flights that you must grab once available. This website was the reason why we ended up traveling to Sydney. We got it for very cheap, inclusive of taxes and fees, not to mention how much fun we had knowing we got a great deal.

I get paid for receiving SMS alerts. 10 cents per message. The messages are not only about marketing but it also gives out info on great deals around town, such as $6 all day parking place in CBD. But the messages don't come often. Expect 1 message per month, but that should increase over time now that they have started with their TV adverts. Get your 10 cents now!

Sale, sale, sale
It's the strangest thing, but I'm not one to complain, that sales here don't seem to ever end. There are so many reasons to go on sale, it's like a celebration of some sort. Season Sale, End of Season Sale, Easter Sale, Boxing Day Sale (that runs for a week or so), etc. I can't keep track!

I'm sure there are tons out there that we have not discovered yet. When we are keen to be out and about for socializing and enjoying what the city has to offer, we usually check Wotzon. If you are planning to move or to travel to NZ, you're in for fun!


  1. Oh wow, it was good luck, you finding my blog! I have a feeling I will be visiting and asking lots of questions!

    what country are you from originally?

  2. I'm from the Philippines and my husband is from the US.

    As Kiwis would say to foreigners who move here - Good on ya, mate! :)

    I just wanted to be able to say that! :-D