Apr 8, 2008

I Do, You Do Spending

Spending can be out of control and at this time of our lives, I feel that I'm to be blamed because I'm the main financial admin in my family.

Just a short couple of weeks ago, we have 2 of 3 of our credit cards paid off. Now those 2 have balances again. The balances are wedding related:

$611 for the pair

Clothes + Shoes
After trying on some of my still unused clothes, I decided to shop for a skirt to match a black and white chinese-collared blouse. When I got to the shops, I instantly considered possibly going for a dress if I have to. So I ended up buying a long cardi dress and a corset-like dress (or girdle?) for a total of $160. I went to the shop next door for a new pair of black heeled shoes for $99.95. Had our dog not destroyed my (only) previous pair last winter, I would not have bought a new one. I got to have a black pair!

Celebrate marriage
After getting hitched, we went to a nearby pub and had bubblies and munchies. $148. There's the delayed wedding dinner reception on Saturday night for 20 people at $50 each, drinks not included. That means we'll pay at least $1000. I will wear something I already have.

It's getting cold here in NZ and we planned to get heaters for the upcoming winter since spring last year. So we just did. Cost $140 (I think. J did it recently and has not reflected yet.).

All the items mentioned were and will be charged to either of the previously zero-balance credit cards. More debts to pay! Darn it. I don't want to use whatever's left of our savings because we had already touched it to pay off the 2 plastics over the last 3 months. This time we really need to step up with minimizing spending.

On the good side of things, the HDD DVR (DVD Recorder) is already posted on TradeMe. Within minutes it already received its first bid of $50. We're hoping to sell it for at least $350. Here's the auction.

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