Apr 6, 2008

Plan: Get rid of the extras

One of the many things I love about my husband is that he listens to my money rants. Maybe because he's very involved in that aspect of our life, or maybe I just manage to start the discussion when he's most interested in that topic.

There is probably no chat before bedtime that I didn't once mention my dire want to pay off our debts. J is a relaxed person and takes on life as it comes, whereas I worry when things start to slip out of my control. It's hard to go to sleep, like tonight, thinking about ways to lessen our debt sooner.

Earlier tonight we came up with possibilities with mostly selling unnecessary stuff.

HDD DVR - It was a mistake buying this item, as J said. He thought it would perform like Tivo. We will definitely try to sell this on TradeMe and I hope somebody would buy it. It was bought for $700 and was hardly used. I'd consider offers from $350.

iMac - After purchasing this, our beat up old PowerBook was replaced through insurance and now we have 2 computers. I thought of selling the iMac because I think we can manage with just 1 computer. I'm still not decided though. It is my first, and probably only, Apple computer. I don't think I'd plan on getting a new one in another 3 years or more. Let's park this item for now. If I were to sell it though, I'd consider offers from $800.

Land line - J brought up possibly getting rid of our home phone because we can manage with using our cell phones. I know that's a smart move but I think having a land line comes in handy. I still have to sit down one day and write down all the positives and negatives about having a land line. We can also sell our phone units as well. Cell phone bills wouldn't really go up because we don't really call people.

Digital TV - Uhm. I suppose we could get rid of it. If I wanted movies we could easily rent them, or maybe download them off the internet. This plus the land line would mean a good deduction to our monthly bills. We hardly go to the cinema to watch movies. Maybe in a year, we go 3 times.

Those are the things we could live without. We don't have a lot of junk. Maybe once the baby is bigger we can start getting rid of some of his things. Speaking of which, I'm glad that after spending 45 minutes at Baby Factory today, I didn't buy anything! I was close to buying 2 clothes and a mobile but decided against them after being practical about toys. They have a lot of items on sale again. However, I did some shopping for myself but I'll post about that separately.

It's time to get some sleep!

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