Apr 28, 2008

End of month review: April

This month went by fast. Too many things seemed to have happened. For a quick review, which is really for my own visual sake, here's a rundown of things.
  • Term Deposit - It matured and earned $16.96 at 8.45%. As planned, the $1,000 is invested in mutual funds instead of invested in term deposit again. $750 went to cash fund and $250 went to a multi-sector type. Cross fingers that I'm doing the right thing here!
  • Credit Card Debt - Unfortunately we incurred a significant amount this month for the wedding dinner reception, but it's alright. It's one of those expenses that was worth it, a lovely evening spent with family and friends.
  • Baby - Our boy is drinking more formula nowadays and I'm trying to produce some more milk. He is just a little less than 3 months old but can finish a big can of formula in 2 weeks or less. My breast pump also broke and I decided to get a new one. We got it for $99 at Moore Wilsons! That's cheap compared to Baby Factory and Baby Star where they sell for $115! And you'd think you'd get a good deal at specialty shops. Huh.
  • KiwiSaver - Finally, J's retirement fund had kicked in! I also submitted my application this month and our baby's KiwiSaver is underway. We'll contribute $50 a month to the baby's KiwiSaver, and keep contributing $50/month to the baby fund. Our baby will be all set by the time he's 18!
So much more to plan for this May, one of which is child care. According to our budget, we can afford it but of course we're hoping to get one for cheaper. Can you imagine paying for as much as $320/week for child care?! Whoa!

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