Jan 2, 2008

the real deal

as of today i'm acknowledging j's outstanding student loan. this only means that our combined net worth is a big negative. boo hoo.

i used Sorted's Get Out of Debt Calculator and found out how much we need to pay to cut down payment time to half. it's paying the same amount of $600...fortnightly! another boo. obviously this is not achievable at present because of our set 2008 goals. but wow, paying it off in 4 years is motivating! i'm glad that i don't have student loans too. it's just imaginable to me just thinking about it. that in itself is a blessing already. thank God for my financially smart parents! although i really have to give it to j because he took the loan to earn his bachelor's and master's. his parents couldn't afford to pay for his college education. if i have to remind myself all over again, having done that was one of the things i liked and admired about him. :)

on our way to the midwife appointment, bringing up the possibility of cutting down payment time to half got him interested and i could tell that seeing the light at the end of the tunnel totally motivated him. paying his monthly due is part of our budget but it's only recently that i've recognized that i have to behave like half of it is mine in order to have more commitment to paying it ASAP.

so, to show my acknowledgment i'm adding our combined net worth badge on the side panel. wish us luck!!!

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