Jan 3, 2008

emergency fund

after discussing with j how to sort out our emergency fund (of at least $1000), we decided to combine SA2 and SA3 for it. historically we've been pulling out funds from them for immediate needs instead of touching our higher-earning savings, like when we paid for our rental bond about 4 months ago.

currently our emergency fund sits at $511.78. since we only put $100 to that, it'll be early march by the time it reaches $1,111 not considering interests earned. that's fine. we don't foresee anything needing emergency funding in the near future. we'll see what having a baby means financially but i suppose we'll be alright most likely.

what this means is having more money put into savings or investments. i know that we don't have much to invest but i'm starting to think that perhaps it would be good to put at least $1500 to our mutual (cash advantage) fund. once our emergency fund reaches $1000, we'll stop putting money in it for a while to get more flow into our cash fund, and then further diversify our investment portfolio.

wow! listen to me talk about investment portfolio! i can't believe i'm this person now. in my past life, i thought all this investment talk was so complicated that i couldn't even be bothered. it must be parenthood hitting me - needing more stability and insurance for my family's future - or just exploring new things to keep me motivated... i don't know but i'm sure enjoying getting money smart. :)

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