Jan 2, 2008

snowflaking + 2008 goals

i changed my mind since the last post about where to snowflake next pay period's extra money. instead of to CC3, i will put it in CC1. this means that CC1 will be realistically paid off by this month! yay yay!

i wish i put away the previous period's leftover to CC1 instead of CC3. i was so focused on paying off the cot. i forgot that CC1 has the highest interest of all our 3 credit cards. at least it's still not too late. i told j about this plan and he seemed to light up at the possibility of paying off one of our credit cards and the highest interest earning at that!

i don't know where my wallet is as of writing! ack!

while sitting with j during one of the non-working days this holiday season, i started talking about setting goals this new year. below are what we have agreed on.

here are our 2008 goals:
  1. pay off all of our credit card debts
  2. pay off the car loan - we are almost halfway there!
  3. pay off the sofa (hire purchase)
  4. increase payment to tv (hire purchase) - this one's on auto-debit and we have yet to find out if we can increase our monthly payments.
  5. finally enrol ourselves in KiwiSaver - j is in the process now, while i will wait til i'm back from maternity leave to get paid with salary again
i'm also thinking about setting up an emergency fund. for a while i was considering combining SA2 and SA3 for that purpose because they are not earning as much interests as SA1 and SA5...or maybe i should just set up a new account for an emergency fund. what do you think? i realized, after reading so much about emergency funds, that i could have used one for buying the cot. i plan to put aside at least $1000 for emergencies.

so much to do! makes me excited to know what 2008 has instore for my family! :)

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