Jan 11, 2008

the payoff plan - changed?

planning oversight
it's still 6 days away until the next pay day and we have already dipped into overdraft. we don't dip into OD all the time, only when there's an oversight on my part. this fortnight i forgot to consider that i was going to renew my passport and that entails costs. so yes, that was the reason for the OD; otherwise, we'd have enough to cover our food expense until mid next week. if i use the emergency fund now, it's already useless.

the payoff plan change
there might be a change in the payoff plan. i think the potential change is beneficial. after blogging about the payoff plan, i realized that we might as well benefit from paying the student loan. we currently pay it using CC2 that does not even earn us reward points but we pay off the monthly SL payments incurred in the card. so, we compared reward-earning plastics this afternoon and i applied for one! let's wait and see whether i get approved for it or not. it would be great to earn rewards from paying SL for maybe 4 or 5 years! don't you think so?

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