Jan 13, 2008

We OD-ed!

We’re dipping further into OD as days pass by. As I mentioned before, we got ourselves into credit card debt for setting up our life as a new couple. We started out with almost nothing here in New Zealand. We are migrants here and we basically just brought clothes and began life anew.

We have moved houses twice last year. The first one had tons of space but this new place has not enough. I need a dresser/drawer/closet, whatever that can hold my clothes in because I’m sort of feeling desperate about it by now. I am living in my suitcase. I use one of my suitcases to store my maternity and bigger-sized clothes at the moment. Some are in the closet though, sharing with J, but those are just really a few compared to what the suitcase has. The rest of my non-maternity clothes are in another suitcase and boxes.

With the baby coming soon, I need to start organizing my clothing storage situation. I thought of using a bookcase to store clothes in. I think that’s pretty cool. J suggested that we check out The Warehouse Stationery and sure enough I saw a 12-cubby that I liked and it was only $179! That’s a good deal I think. It’s not really made of high-class wood but it would do for years. I’ve been bidding on Trademe for more than a week now and I can’t really go beyond $250 for used dresser drawers that are not that big or have slight damages that are not worth going beyond $250 for. That’s what I think. Unfortunately, Kilbirnie branch didn’t have stock of what I wanted but CBD has. J, being nice that he is, offered to get it tomorrow.

The next question is where do we get the money to pay for the cubby? We dipped into OD remember? I still suggested dipping further because I don’t want to touch our savings and don’t want to use any of our credit cards either. At least once payday comes the overdraft gets automatically paid and we can breathe knowing we didn’t incur any more debts. Three more sleeps to payday excluding tonight!

I’m nowhere close to suggesting that you also do this. This works for us because we don’t dip into OD all the time. As per my previous post, it usually happens due to oversight on my part. Every pay period, which is a fortnight, we usually have enough extra to blow just in case we need to spend on something that doesn’t warrant the use of our emergency fund. Sometimes things just happen. When we don’t use up that extra, it gets snowballed into paying our debts. I allow the overdraft to happen, meaning I don’t pull money from savings or use credit cards, to learn from the experience. We are still trying to hone our PF skills and we need to understand our spending habits in order to achieve the “money smart” level.


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