Jan 11, 2008

i'm in the mood for spending

uhmmm i think i'm in a spending mood. not good. not good. don't you just hate it when you get into this mood? like you've been good and something, somehow, pulls you away from your fiscally smart self?

anywho, to give you a background of my regular lifestyle here are some items that i/we are being fiscally smart about.

mobile phones
i have a 2-year old mobile phone that was really looking good and performing really well until our dog chewed it a few months back. it still works perfectly but it just looks ugly with all those teeth marks. whenever i see them they just make want to buy a new (but cheap) one. i was actually browsing online shops for a mobile phone today. no, no, no. my phone still works! i'm practical! i'm not about the "look". i'm about functionality! demmit. it's not like i'm looking for a better unit. it's the spendy part of me that just wants a NEW one. j has a horrible mobile phone because it loses reception when he's at work, and yet it's his work phone! hah!

movie watching
j and i want to watch I Am Legend this weekend. did i say that we dipped into OD already? he offered to pay for our movie date through his allowance though. yay! we don't really watch movies in the cinema. it's not cheap to do so. i think in 2007 we only saw movies in the cinema for 2 or 3 times, 1 of which was even free. our cancelled DVD subscription got us through half of last year until we decided to subscribe to a bundled service with TelstraClear to cover for our movie, tv, and internet.

last year i only had one professional hair cut and that was at the barber's! haha! j went to get his hair done professionally (1 of his 5 last year i think) as i waited. we started conversing with the lady barber and i asked her if she could do a simple cut with mine. she did! charged me $5 more than the regular man's hair cut of $15. i looked fantastic and young! it was very much worth it especially during my first trimester when i looked horrible.

manicure + pedicure
i remember when i used to have this at least once a month. that was way back home when i could have it for cheap (and way better at that!). having moved to NZ, the standard for cleaning nails (to me) is poor and not worth paying for. i only had it done once, which was just before this recent Christmas. had to do it because i could no longer reach for my legs without so much effort, what more with my toe nails! oh, i just realized that i did not have any manicure done professionally for the last 1.5 years! i've been poorly doing them myself.

clothes shopping
we don't really shop often. thanks to my mom who likes to shop for her kids (yes she still shops for us!). she just buys us stuff that i asked her to stop doing so because i don't have enough room to store my clothes in. i don't even know what to do with my maternity clothes once i give birth since we don't have plans to have more than 1 child. j and i have really good clothing selection at this time. we buy when we deem necessary.

well, uhm, we're not that cheap when it comes to buying electronics. first of all, quality is important to us and if that comes with cheap price that would be great. most likely though that's not reality, but when it comes to looking for deals i have 2 thumbs up for j. he's very good at it. in fact he got us 2 return tickets to Sydney for something like $600 including fees and taxes sometime last year.

i suppose there is balance in our spending ways. let's see what the arrival of the baby does to our balanced spending ways...


  1. A simple fix for the mobile phone would be to go on eBay and get a cheap case.

    I got a case for my phone for 99 cents and $2.00 shipping. The phone looks great in the pretty case and you won't ever see the teeth marks. And all for under $5.00

  2. That's a great idea! I didn't really consider covering the marks! :)