Aug 8, 2012

mom and dad

My birthday's coming up and dad just said that he will buy us all dinner the night of my special day. Mom reacted a bit and said that that we could just cook and eat at home.

They're funny and they're here in America for the first time to visit!

I love my folks! They are both frugal, but their spending styles on things are a bit different. I sometimes wonder what combination of their financial styles that I adopted.

At lunch today--I bought them lunch at Chipotle--mom said that a burrito there, no drinks, costs more than the chicken dinner she made the night before. She also stated that no working person can get rich by eating out regularly.

Since their arrival less than a week ago, we've only eaten out once (and I bought it!) but meals have been awesome at home. I love my frugal cooking parents! No leftover's left behind, too. I expected a bit more expense too soon but I could be wrong and I'm hoping that the checking account will prove that at the end of the month! :)
Oregon Coast

Today they went to Safeway with the intention to buy frozen pancakes and fruits, and that was all that they bought. It must've taken them years to perfect that. They pay attention to prices. They exclaimed how Safeway was selling peaches for a dollar/pound more than Fred Meyer's, and asked how anybody can just get away with that. My dad's face looked almost appalled in a funny way.

It has been good so far. Such a busy summer, though.

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