Jun 20, 2012


Sometimes I wish that I didn't read old posts, particularly the ones that talked about my progress and how I was on schedule with all goals I had set. It makes me think about past decisions that didn't necessarily support my goal of saving (tons of) money.

Last summer we had $8,000 in savings, which really was our emergency fund. Ten months later it bumped to only $8,250.

Salmon Springs, Portland

I know we bought brand new bikes and our old car, all for $3,000, and that our savings branched into different categories with their own allotted amount based on net income (scroll down) but the idea that we probably spent a lot makes me cringe. In reality, we managed to save up to $12,700 not including L's 529 fund (now at $510) and my Roth (now at $310).

Though I can easily check Mint to know where money went, I still can't help but ask: where did they go?

Sure there was Christmas, there was our San Francisco trip, L's birthday party, shopping, my emergency root canal (where I paid $900+ because insurance ran out) and other random purchases. We're still lucky to have saved some the first half of this year with all expenses mentioned.

Pioneer Courthouse, Portland

We don't carry consumer debt. Saving a minimum of 12.5% monthly will provide a steady growth to our richness, but I feel impatient often. Anyway, here's the breakdown of where 12.5% of our net income goes to:
  • 6% emergency fund
  • 3.5% house fund
  • 2% slush fund
  • 1% world travel
L's 529 and my Roth contributions are excluded from the 12.5%. We already met June's target but we still have plenty of money left. It's looking more positive with potential savings of about 30%! If I compare our 12.5% with others who may be struggling to save 5%, it brings me down to earth. Still truly lucky we are. But if I compare myself with those who have it better, I quietly berate myself.

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