Jan 12, 2011

Choose a phone for me, wouldja?

Having enjoyed being provided my mobile phone for me through work for 7 years, choosing my own for Portland is proving to be a difficult task!

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J has his own iPhone and got himself a month-to-month plan until I get there and we figure out whether we'd take on a family plan. Neither of us is willing to be tethered to a 2-year plan so I started looking at different companies for a phone and service.

Now I'm tired. The plethora of options are just brain-draining. I repeat the cycle of shifting from wanting a simple phone that can make calls and text to something in the lines of iPhones and Androids, and back.

As of writing, I'm resolved to just wait it out. We already have a VOIP phone gifted by my father-in-law and we'll have internet at our new home. I'm guessing that would be adequate until I get a feel for things there. I'm still hoping that my new job there (when I find one) will provide me a phone, which should solve my problem.

The thing is, with a child who's about to start school, I will need to be contacted in case of emergencies.

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