Jan 20, 2011

No strings attached anymore

SAN ANSELMO, CA - NOVEMBER 30:  A Toyota Prius...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
The car is sold and there's nothing else that's tying me down here in NZ anymore. Sigh of relief.

It was a challenge for me, mostly because I was worrying too much about the car. As you might know, we had a Prius. It is not a cheap car but it is efficient. However, here in NZ, most car buyers/users are more inclined to buy a cheap car eventhough it may not promise petrol efficiency. The buyers have been driving Priuses since 2000. They bought our Prius as a replacement for their gas-guzzling Vitara that they will sell soon. After our experience, my perspective on cars has changed. I can't and won't even consider a car that's not petrol efficient.

Hours before the transaction occurred, I felt sad about selling our car. I think it symbolized the last significant thing we've owned, enjoyed, and what tied me here. All I need to do next is to buy my ticket to Portland and pack my bags. I have 2 weeks left at work and a few days after that I plan to fly. It sounds so easy, isn't it? The fact in leaving NZ is too imminent and too fast!

Money-wise, there are no more insurance payments to pay, no more petrol to buy, cheap rent of $200/week including all utilities and internet (thanks to friends), and no bus fares to pay. So far I've only spent $70 on food since last week. Wallet is happy!

While I have these few weeks left, I'm going around Wellington to enjoy and appreciate the town that will form a significant part of our history. I will miss this country.


  1. I know you love parts of NZ but you will really enjoy the US! Think of all the things you can get there that you can't get here. and for cheap! oh man, you can go to target!!!! :) I'm sure friends can send you care packages for some of the things that you miss here in NZ.

    i've heard portland is amazing--i have a friend there and she is the happiest she's ever been in her life, even after living in honolulu!

  2. You're exciting me more! We've started buying items for the house on Amazon, Sears and Overstock! I love the myriad of options and there's always some promo going on.

    Portland = no GST is one of the best things I think! :-D

  3. The only constant thing in this world is change. And I hope your change is for the better. I hope you finally settled there at your new place. Thanks for sharing your life to us, your readers.

  4. No more insurance to pay is a nice thing. Good luck on this new chapter in life. I hope it leads to good things.