Dec 10, 2010

More life changes...

It's past my bed time and here I am blogging about my life that's going to change again.

My husband is leaving tomorrow for the USA. He'll be starting his new job there next week -- a job that not only gets him out of his good-turned-crap job in NZ, but also a job that brings him closer to his family. I will be staying here in NZ until our house is sold and my permanent residence visa is sorted.

We have accepted an offer on the house after only being in the market for 3 weeks. We'll find out if the buyer goes unconditional on Tuesday. If he does, it will be a matter of weeks and I'm moving back in town until I fly out of this country.

What a year this has been! We got lucky to be honest. I spent a lot of energy being worried on so many aspects; yet, here we are in the midst of it.

We have made very big decisions that put many people uncomfortable just listening to the idea and feelings around it. It put me in discomfort, so no wonder they were. We are not shipping anything at all. It's mainly because we don't really put memories in things. We have been selling and giving things away.

It was a long process that started in June 2009. From the moment we decided to move, it had put us all in transition mode. There was a time that I didn't buy anything bulky or big, from ketchup bottles to trash bags. J, being unhappy about his career potential here in NZ and about his mom's health, was not a happy person to deal with. It became easy for me to be angry, resentful and supportive at the same time. Such an odd combo, but I have been supportive of the idea, it was just difficult to accept the possibility that we'd have to make tough decisions to make it happen.

The first tough decision, and I think it was the toughest, was to have our kid live with my parents while we begin with the transition. He has been overseas for 2 months now and we miss him a lot. It has been full on since I got back. The house looks so much better, thanks to wonderful friends! We sacrificed sleeping in a house that smelled of paint and other chemicals for days. There are still things to do, eg. sell appliances, getting my medical tests, resign, etc; but nothing insurmountable anymore.

Giving up our house was tough too. We love our house and the memories we created in it, but it isn't financially sound for us to keep it as a rental. We carefully looked at all of our options, and the best was to sell it. We don't expect to gain anything from it after only owning it for 2 years and in this current market.

Thankfully J had landed a job after a year of applying. He was one of the 14 people hired out of 650 applicants. I'm so proud of him. He has done so well. Now, no more worrying about leaving NZ to look for a job (which was an option in case he didn't get a job by February 2011).

At the rate we are going, I might have only 8 weeks left in this beautiful country of the long, white cloud. We get asked by neighbors if we don't like NZ. We do! It's beautiful and a wonderful place to raise a family. There is comfort, however, in knowing that we are close to family and knowing that every member of our family is happy. Our home is where we are.

The next step is for me to fly over and look for a job. My parents are willing to bring our child to the States, as they were considering traveling there next year anyway. Hopefully we'll all be together by March at the latest.

So there is my life, and I think I should sleep now.

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