Nov 23, 2010

Update on moving

Things are moving along on the homefront. The house is sorted to tidyness and staged for open homes and random potential buyer visits. The floor work (floorsanding) is finished and the wooden floors look really nice!

Unwanted/not needed items are being given away on Freecycle or sold on Trademe. J's ticket is purchased. J's accommodation is sorted, until he starts looking for a place for our family when I know my travel date is. He'll be staying at a friend's house til NY Eve for free, then move into a room rental (a friend of a friend) for $650/month including food, utilities, and internet! We think that's an awesome deal.

Picture of inside a closet. Taken 2009 by Matt...

Those were a lot to take on in the past few weeks. J had even started work while I was away for 3 weeks. So, 5 or so weeks was all about carrying out series of tasks in the most effective and efficient way as possible without hurting the wallet. Excluding our house, we're expecting to get around $8,500 from selling items. Not bad. Our list of things to sell and give away only reached 60+ items. Not bad. We're below the 100 mark, which I targeted this year.

Then there are clothes. I have a lot. J's fit in his closet. I have the same sized closet full of clothes in addition to a 3x3 cube of folded clothes, mobile clothes rack, half a closet full of jackets, containers of bags and more clothes. We haven't gotten rid of all of our baby clothes yet so there's that to give away too. Oh sigh.

When I moved to NZ I only took 2 suitcases full of clothes and I left plenty behind. When mom made a visit, she brought new clothes she got for me on top of the "care package" of clothes she bought for me when she went to HK on a leisure/shopping trip. Every time I visit her, I always bring more clothes than I take with me. So yes, all that giving amounted to closets of clothes just for me. I think I only bought 5-8% of my entire lot in the past 4 years. Blimey!!!

The open home is this weekend, and so far we've had 4 groups visit the house. I hope somebody makes an offer soon! One thing I don't look forward to having is another winter. With snow!!! I just spent 5 or 6 months looking forward to summer and it looks like I have to toughen up for another one.

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