Nov 6, 2010

People like my hair!

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After being away from work for 3 weeks, I got compliments for my hair. It was surprising to get their reaction because I didn't like it when I got it. So now, I kinda like it except on days when I can't get it soft enough despite using a chunk of conditioner.

I reflected on this a bit. Does it mean that my perception of myself is easily influenced by what people think of me? It's only hair! I feel that I shouldn't over-analyze it but I can't help it.

I now like my hair a bit but I still wish that I had the cut that I originally wanted. I'll have plenty of opportunities to try other hairstyles of course. All of a sudden the shade of brown that I chose and thought should've been a shade lighter is the right shade for me after all. Well, at least that's what my co-workers think. Or maybe I really chose the right shade but that I needed to wait it out a bit before the color really does the job I wanted it to do, which is to lighten up my face.

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