Oct 19, 2010

Boring haircut

For months I've saved a link to a website that shows appropriate hairstyles for every facial shape. I downloaded samples in my phone and showed it to the senior hairstylist at the salon. The salon isn't really a favorite. I don't have a favorite or a preference actually.

She wasn't sure about my chosen style and she said that the style would require me to blow dry my hair everyday to pull the very same look. Ok...that got me thinking because I don't like blow drying especially when done daily. That's so horrible for the hair! So I went along with her suggestion. She wasn't exactly pushing for her opinion and gave me room to think about what I want. We talked more about what my requirements were: manageable style, doesn't require styling everyday, short and gives the impression of thick hair on my crown.

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After the work was done, I realized that it was the same hairstyle I had gotten less than a year ago! Is it me or is it them (the hairstylists)? She and the previous hairstylist work at the same salon but in different branches. I'm still wondering why both of them thought that the same hair style fits me.

Husband thought it was a safe hair style and I agree. The one that I've wanted is more fun to look at but definitely requires a monthly cut to keep the look. I don't think it's practical to do that nowadays. Yet, it will make me look different. I got tired looking like a mom, with my hair pulled into a ponytail when I'm sick of it. Pair that look with glasses and voila! Mama!

I just remembered this hairstylist who did the most dramatic change on my hair more than 2 years ago. I have not gone back to her because she wasn't cheap! One thing I admired about her was her guts to have me try a hairstyle I've not tried before. She made me feel confident in her and I wasn't disappointed. She knew what she was doing.

Oh, I colored too. The hair color -- deep brown -- turned out well. I wish it were a bit lighter but that would make the whole salon visit a waste of money. It's like, I spend all my time coaxing myself to do a dramatic hair change and when I'm at a salon I go chicken on myself. Obviously, this whole entry is just to say that I'm disappointed in my hair decisions.

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