Jul 14, 2010

getting smarter...i guess

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For the whole month of July and August we will not be putting any money into savings, except for our child's college fund. The extra money will all go towards paying off one of our debts that is on 0% interest (yahoo!) until early September and towards travel expenses incurred on our one and only active plastic. I'm pleased that we're able to pay our monthly dues on that card in full. It seems that life is very organized right now, in conjunction with my goal to eat right.

On the other hand, seeing the spending plan not having any money towards savings can be a downer. Early this year it projected a different track -- we had a lot less debt by this time of the year and a decent amount of savings. Life has directed us differently. Fortunately we were agile enough to get through them. Plus, we enjoyed our winter holiday that we decided to go for a few months ago. Maybe it's just me wanting to feel bad in order to stay motivated. It's an odd behavior I guess.

One thing has changed in me this year and that is my mindset. Finally, Dave Ramsey's advice had taken effect in me after 2 years since reading his book. While saving $50/fortnight towards college fun, in reality it is our form of emergency fund. We find ourselves treating is as untouchable unless something drastic requires us to use it. We've been well-behaved, that I can say.

Today I was looking at a shopping website, just for the heck of it. Of course I get tempted. I'm only human, but the idea of extending the no-saving months further is enough to keep me on my toes. It's such a horrible cycle. I mean I'm glad that I have the awareness for that, but what about those who don't? Or those who are aware but think they can't get out of it? I'm still lucky in so many ways and I have to remind myself of that when I'm feeling sick and tired of debt.
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