Apr 4, 2010

rationalized debt

Last year we did a small consolidation of 2 loans at 5.95%. We are still paying it down with a fixed amount that is greater than the minimum. I am very happy about that decision that when an opportunity arose we took advantage of it again.

We did another consolidation at 4.99% and got rid of our active and unused credit cards. The 2 consolidations we did, a year apart, are both on plastics but I can definitely say that they will never be used. Not at least while we are paying down the debts in them. I can say this because we've not even activated the card where the first consolidation is in. I actually don't know where it is kept.

To us it feels like we only have 1 active card, which we pay off every month. It has a very low credit limit. We need it to pay for J's student loans cos that's the cheapest way to go for us from NZ. When we move there, we'll switch to paying it the traditional way.

J does not carry any credit cards with him anymore. I carry the only card we use and it's only in my name. It is such a simple way of living. When we move, I will keep that card active for another year until we get settled in our life there. I'd probably get a card in the US but not til I'm familiar with interest rates there, only then can I make a decision.


  1. Looks like your networth is growing at a nice rate. Is the CC debt J's student loans or is that something separate?

  2. Hi enza! Thanks for reading my blog. :)

    I didn't include J's student loan in the net worth cos of the fluctuating exchange rate. I'm not too excited about the net worth growth cos of that, but for sure his student loan is decreasing at a steady rate, which I'm happy about.

    I used to have a badge for it from ncnnetwork til the owner took it down. :(