Feb 18, 2010

what to do this weekend?

I found myself asking J that question after looking around the house and saw that everything has been in order. We have been really good about cleaning up. I guess the only thing to do, which is a given, is to do laundry. Even that doesn't seem to be much of a work because the washing machine really does it for us. I have never really counted anything machine-assisted as housework.

I went a bit anal this past weekend and went down on my knees and hands to scrub the kitchen floor clean. I like it now and that's odd. It is old and (used to be) disgusting. I used a floor cleaner and then bleach--both diluted but only after I got paranoid about pure chemicals soaking my skin wet.

The baby's 4-in-1 Touchwood cot got sold for $490 (went straight to savings), which will be picked up on Saturday afternoon. That is one big item out of our house, which is starting to look bare now. I don't feel so attached to things but I wonder if it's also bad to not have that. I mean I do have it a bit with certain items but nothing extreme as to hold on to things that aren't of use until they gather dust or lose value. I still struggle with my clothes because a whole lot of them aren't used up and I'm still hoping to fit in my pre-child clothes. I'm not too sure if that's even realistic but I'll give them until this year before giving them away. I have started to give away baby clothes and things. I have also taken pictures of the baby's shoes to be sold in bulk.

Doing housework incrementally and not waiting for the weekend is both efficient and effective management. It is something we have to work on continuously because there are just days that we choose not to do anything. Coincidentally, we haven't spent a lot on food and non-food grocery items this period too. Is it just me being too organized with the pantry? Or is it us not eating too much? I don't know and it's hard to easily pull out conclusion just because everything seems to be aligned to what we want. I don't know but I like it.


  1. I feel for you. My wife does the brunt of the housework, laundry, cooking, etc. and when she's not on top of it things start to unravel in our house. Her insurance for her sanity is to do what you're doing which is stay on top of it daily and it makes all the difference. She does feel like she's cleaning ALL the time but the deep cleans lead to less time doing it because it's more maintenance.

  2. Thanks for recognizing our intentions and efforts. Yay to your wife and to me! :-D