Feb 22, 2010

same job, 2 quotes, $100 apart

Home improvements are slowly progressing. Today our gutter was cleaned. We accepted a $40 quote on Builderscrack, but then he said that he might charge an extra $20 if the rubbish from the gutters would be too much to take with him. So at this point I don't know yet if he'll send us an invoice for $40 or $60, but we're happy not seeing plants growing in our gutters! :)

The other quote we received was for $140. What a difference. Yesterday I posted a job to clean up the patch in the front yard. I started hedging the only bush in it but after half hour of doing it, I decided that I might as well get that patch tidied up as I've always wanted it to be. So the guy who quoted us for $140 to get gutters cleaned responded to my ad. I'm so tempted to ignore him, in fact I have been but I think I'll wait it out until I've closed a deal with the first respondent. I told him that he can check the place anytime without us home. We'll see how much that would be.

Tomorrow we'll have an appointment with a financial adviser regarding the possibility of keeping the house. If it makes sense for us to keep it, we'll definitely do it. The decision on whether to sell or not will determine the amount of effort and expense we'll invest in giving it a reasonable facelift.

My goal this week is to get another plumber to look at the leak underneath the bathroom. Hopefully close a deal by the weekend.

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