Feb 26, 2010

met budget = lost weight

For the longest time, our budget for the grocery combined food and non-food items, e.g. diapers/nappies. Last budget period I decided to split it and allocate $200 to food and $100 to non-food.

It worked! Both were even under budget at the end of the period. I'm pleased. Although the catch there was stock buying on nappies and formula. We still managed to save more than 2 weeks worth.

So I've changed the 2010 budget to reflect just that. I want to try buying bulk nappies off of online shops, like Diapers Direct, just so I could try it. The last time I bought nappies they were $35/box of 64 (Huggies) but I feel that I can find a better deal. Nappies easily eat up $20 (cheapest at Pak N Save) for 64-pack, formula for $40/fortnightly and wipes for $5/fortnightly. Babies aren't cheap but I was told teens are expensive. Oooh :-P

I find myself eating less in the day but in the evening always wanting ice cream! What's that about? Nonetheless, I managed to fit in a pair of denim jeans that I haven't worn in nearly 3 years! I was feeling so sexy today. :-P

We have food for the whole weekend so no more grocery trips for a few days. Must as I like being in a supermarket (cos of its lanes and lanes of organized shelved items), it means spending that I don't like doing regularly.

Have a good weekend!

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