Feb 7, 2010

an expensive "free"

J has mentioned a few times in the past year about switching to Freeview from Sky TV. After researching on too many Freeview options out there, he said to me the other day that he's no longer interested in getting one.

For one, we get shows recorded (like TiVo) that we watch during our convenient times (read: when the baby is asleep). Second, the show we record for our child is quite educational and entertaining for him. He has learned many things from his favorite show. Third, we rarely (almost never) go out to watch movies and we rely on Sky for that kind of entertainment.

We pay $82 a month for Sky and if we switched to Freeview, we'd shell out a one-off fee for the box that ranges from $300 to $800. There are plenty of Freeview-ready TVs but we are happy to have just 1 and are not interested in getting another. Plus, we have a goal to move so this is not aligned with the rest of our preparations.

It really helps to wait and review options before jumping into buying something. Although he transferred money from our savings just in case he had already made up his mind on a model. I'm pleased he made up his mind against it. :)

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