Feb 3, 2010

going minimal

We sold our phil&ted's sport buggy for $430. The Touchwood 4-in-1 cot is now listed and hopefully gets sold in a few days. I'm hoping to get at least $500 for the cot. That would be nearly $1k for us to pay down debt with.

We're getting rid of unnecessary things now. There are a few things listed on Freecycle too--mostly toys that our baby no longer wants but are still in good condition.

J and I don't like clutter and only want to have things in the house that we use. Our house is starting to look like a minimalist's, which we are. It's easier to locate things and we don't need to make mental notes about where stuff is located.

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  1. Minimalism is much better than having a home filled with stuff that you barely or never use. I love freecyle. I currently live in an area that doesn't have it and I really miss it. I manage to find people that to use the things that we don't use anymore but it's not as convenient as freecyle. I love the concept of giving it to someone who needs/wants it instead of tossing it out. It leads to a simplication of your own space and is insurance for the environment. A win-win!