Mar 30, 2009

need help: public health vs. health insurance in NZ

J and I are trying to decide whether it is okay to cancel our health insurance and fully depend on NZ's public health system. Since having our health insurance policy nearly 3 years ago we've never made a claim. We've relied solely on the public health system. That said, it would save us $42/fortnightly getting rid of it but would that be a wise decision?

I need help!!!


  1. We have only just got private insurance and only because it is fully paid for by my fiance's work.
    In NZ I don't think that you need it to be honest, unless you have an ongoing health complaint that is covered.
    My doctor costs $15 a visit, and the only prescriptions I get are cheap enough..
    Also, doctors visits for your little one should be free for another few years at least!

  2. It sounds like your public health insurance system is working for you. But, if it pays out well for bigger procedures maybe it's good to keep. You never know where your health will lead.

  3. Wow, if it were me, and I was planning on staying in NZ permanently (ie don't need proof of past coverage like in the US), I'd probably cancel it, given that you haven't used it for the last 3 years. However, in your situation, you also have a little one to take care of I don't know.

    as an aside, do you know if NZ have disability insurance available anywhere?

  4. Hi Sense, our term life cover has disability insurance covered. I think this type comes as an option when you insure your life. However, I did a bit of research and found ASB covering health and disability. Maybe this one's for you: