Jan 22, 2010

lost weight but lost $20 along the way

A day before we returned from our trip I made that long awaited decision to buy a new pair of pants. I saw this rich dark brown pants at Terranova. It was at a reduced price and I thought a $20 pair was ok to splurge on. It was also a bit stretchy.

I tried it on and it fitted, but at that time I gained weight. It was a bit snug--it's designed to be snug--but I also thought that it would give me more motivation to lose weight when I'm back on the grind. I was also hoping that I could still fit in it for the next 6 months. I haven't blogged about my eating style since we've been back home. I haven't been eating protein and carbs in the same meal. That usually works for me. In addition to having my period, which usually sheds me off a pound or so, I have been feeling less heavy these days. I haven't stuffed myself full either. Just when I'm satisfied I stop or I buy food that is adequate to get me satisfied. I've also been good about going for walks with our kid after dinner.

So today I wore it. In the morning it felt great and it didn't feel as tight as on the day of purchase. As the day progressed, it started loosening up. By 3pm, I just pulled down my pants when I went to the loo. By early evening it was halfway down my butt. Thankfully my blouse was past my butt and that I was home. I started regretting buying it and made plans to give it away or sell it while it's still nearly new. I also caught a co-worker giving my behind a look as we finished off our meeting. I was bent forward to gather some papers so that must have showed the top part of my underwear! I pulled my pants up at least 5 times today!

While I'm happy that I lost weight, I'm not happy about spending it on something that I really like but isn't the right fit anymore. :( It's not like I truly lost my $20, but knowing that I'm keen to lose weight, I know that I can't wear those pants anymore.

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