Jan 22, 2010

canceled trip

Why does Mother Nature save the horrible weather for weekends in this part of the country? Argh. We canceled our trip tonight because of rain and strong southerly forecasts. It's not so bad because it's only 45 minutes away to the first town we plan to visit. There'll be plenty of opportunity to visit 'rapa. So we'll probably go to the neighborhood's indoor pool for some fun.

Today we made a visit to a semi-friend who gave birth on NY eve. That baby is so tiny and just lovely. It was nice seeing them again. We bought pizzas and gifts for their children. We also bought our child a wooden train set. Overall damage was about $150. That was unplanned so necessary adjustments will need to be made.

Anyway, the trip would've cost us money and it'd be necessary for us to take some money out of our savings to get us through the weekend trip eventhough accommodation is provided by J's work friend. So really, canceling the trip isn't so bad. I suppose Mother Nature is reminding us not to spend! :-P

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