Dec 27, 2009

met the first goal for 2010 and it's still 2009!

We have had a little over $1k left untouched in the checking account for more than a week after all bills were paid. Since we have cash with us during this time (while traveling), I decided to pay off the smallest--but highest--credit card debt we had. I'm quite happy sitting in my parents' balcony right now, listening to nonstop noise a big city brings, because of that one little act of wisdom. :)

We have met our first 2010 goal even before the new year started!

Here are my goals for 2010:
1. Pay off the highest interest card in January.
2. Save up to $12k.
3. Establish a monthly goal around debt payments.
I keep challenging myself about the second goal. A big part of me really wants to focus on paying the other debts instead of saving as much as $10k. I don't think $12k is achievable at this point. We incurred additional debts on gifts so I might have to prioritize paying those in January. If we transfer $3,500 to one of the cards, we'd still have over $2k left which we could build on little by little. If we did just that and just focus on reaching $5k, that would still be grand in my mind.

I hope you are all having a great holiday season!

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