Nov 11, 2009

rant on bank fees

Ggrrr. Checked my checking account this morning and saw 2 charges:
  • $1 other bank's ATM use
  • $3 transaction fee
I get the $1 charge cos I did that, but the $3 made me call to question it. Apparently it was from a branch deposit that the baby gate buyer did. He's a grandpa and I was actually wondering why he wanted to know my bank after emailing him my account details. I didn't know he was an old man at that time so I just gave it anyway.

My co-workers heard the conversation and they thought it was crap that my bank would charge me for deposits into my account from other people. That's $3 a pop by the way. Imagine if all the 7 buyers did a branch transaction! Eek.

So that's my only rant; otherwise, things are going well but busy. 4 more Mondays until the big Christmas break. Woot!

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