Nov 9, 2009

dog, job, and travel

Our dog is (again) with his new owner who has 30 acres (I know!) of land with horses. We are quite happy about this especially after being informed that he ran around a lot the moment he got there. It's really awesome, but it made me remember the guilt of keeping him for awhile when we knew we were no longer giving him the life that he deserved. This is another lesson learned.

J went to his interview and didn't come out of it happily. He still doesn't know if he'll get the offer or not, but the interview gave him more information about the role--and he's not as keen about it prior to the interview. The role seems to require marketing/sales and he isn't really a sales kind of person. It's like if he took this job he could move on from his current job, but not necessarily move on to a role that he'd LOVE. That's the biggest issue. Why spend your time and effort on a job that you don't love? If he gets offered, he's not sure whether he'd take it or not. Obviously he'll cross that bridge this week.

A cousin of mine, and her husband, recently moved to Fiji. A visit there is in the cards, but it's not going to be cheaper given that our kid will be paying 75% soon. The good part is not having to pay for accommodation because they'll be moving into their house this month. Maybe we'll spend a week there in the winter next year. We'll see. I was planning not to spend on unnecessary travel next year! They plan to live there for 3 years.

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