Nov 23, 2009

a friend in need

My brain space is partially filled by thoughts about a friend who's not doing well financially. The thing is that she knows that her situation is tough and yet she does not do anything about it. Sometime last year I gave her my budget spreadsheet template to help her plan and record all of her transactions. I learned a month or so ago that she isn't recording everything.

I get so concerned and annoyed at the same time. She recently charged a lot of unplanned expenses in her credit card that already carries a balance. She went on a road trip with her mother and sister and paid for the petrol and accommodation without even discussing who would cover what beforehand. I find it a bit strange that she can't really talk finances with her own sister. When her daughter decided to get married, she bought her a $400 dress despite her daughter's insistence not to. It was supposed to be a simple and cheap wedding, but no, my friend wouldn't let that happen. Her daughter didn't even think of buying a dress for herself. But, then again, she's a mother like myself. I might also want to contribute money to my child's wedding but not in the way that would put me in a very bad position.

Apart from recent spending, she has parking tickets that amounts to almost 70% of her take home pay! It's not all parking tickets, it also includes infringements for driving her unregistered car. She hasn't sold her other unregistered car yet, despite my constant advise to her that she should get rid of it for the money that can really help her right now. She apparently decided not to for some reason that I find ridiculous.

I just hope that she'd find ways to improve her situation. I really hope so for the sake of the children.

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