Nov 29, 2009

i love xmas!

Christmas is upon us and I admit to be a spender during this season. I am a sucker for gift giving and I love doing it. It was good that we've saved enough to warrant the spending. :)

I don't even want to write here how much we've so far spent even though I don't shop often. I really don't go out every pay day to buy new stuff. I also don't buy birthday presents for my family who live overseas, but I'm such a sucker for Christmas presents. I love love love to give on Christmas day! I love to see children smile. I have been there, I know what it feels like to be remembered or to be someone worth a few bucks spending on.

In 3 weeks time we'll be in a beautiful beach and I already have prepared for that by buying a new pair of togs. I even broke it in in one of my child's swim classes. :) I have no idea how much we'll be spending there on drinks and food but I'm okay about that becos it's a rare occasion. Maybe I'll even post pics of that trip here.

I am just a happy child at Christmas! Have you bought presents yet?

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