Nov 29, 2009

goals for 2010

Here are my goals for 2010:
1. Pay off the highest interest card in January.
2. Save up to $12k.
3. Establish a monthly goal around debt payments.

I think even if by January our savings didn't reach $12k, I'll still pay off the highest interest card cos it is now less than $1k. It is a very realistic goal I think. Our savings by December is looking to be around $5k. It would've been $8k but we're going on holiday and we're paying it all in cash. My estimates are not conservative when I'm on holiday. Many people make that mistake and I don't want to. So far I haven't disappointed myself. I'm really grateful to my parents who paid for our airfares. It would've cost us twice not including the cost of Christmas presents.

I find it hard to establish a debt-payment-related goal covered in a year. Having been active in the PF community made me realize the need to re-visit goals regularly. I think a monthly re-visit is enough to create 1 or 2 realistic goals each month.

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