Oct 30, 2009

october end

I've been quiet in my blog cos work has been noisily busy. I'm constantly finding ways to effectively manage my time. So far I have been good about reducing reactive work, but time seems to be never enough to get some breathing space just to think. I have never liked being too engaged, especially having too many meetings, cos that usually results to non-productivity.

Anyway, the last 3 or so weeks were quite eventful dollar-wise. Here's why.

Sold items on Trademe
I sold the baby gate ($40), changing table ($60), scooter helmet ($20), jet printer ($50), and shaggy rug ($36). That's a total of $206 extra cash that went to debt payments. We are close to paying off one card. Woot!

Low power bill
Surprisingly we only paid $88 this month! I was happy! Last month's bill was an estimate, but we also have heavily reduced our use of the dryer. We are still using the heater every night. I can't believe it. It's nearly summer.

Discounted petrol
Last weekend's grocery shopping scored us a 25c/liter discount. We saved $16. Thanks to PNS's petrol voucher.

We didn't sell our dog but a family took him in and returned him after 5 days. He was not a terrible dog while he was with them. After the first night he was "fretting", they said. Due to the guy's working hours, which starts before dawn, he needed sleep. With their baby and the dog going in and out of their bedroom apparently was a hassle. Oh well. I spent 3 nights in a row crying, missing our dog. We'll see if we can get him another family who are more suited and more willing to make the effort before we jet off.

That is pretty much the status of things at the mo. We are going to be busy cleaning up our yard. It almost looked like a forest back there. :-P

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