Oct 6, 2009

giving away the pet?

Nothing new is happening. Life is a little boring right now. I guess except for the fact that there's 8 Mondays left until our holiday! :)

That said, the idea of selling/giving away our dog. Then today I saw on Oprah about Puppies Behind Bars. How do I connect that awesome program to giving our dog away? It's a sad idea to ponder upon, to give away our lovely dog.

Out of 10, J's at 8 and I'm still stuck at 5 about giving away our mutt. If I have to be practical, it makes sense especially now that we're considering moving overseas. Going on a month's holiday is also another thing to consider. If we choose to keep him then we'll have to put him in the kennel for the whole time. That's $15/day, for a total of $450 for 30 days. Not too sure about getting a house sitter this time.

What to do?

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