Sep 25, 2009


We have a total windfall of $615 this period and they are going towards debt reduction payments. Not all of them are exactly windfall but I've decided to call them that because they are not from our combined income.

$40 - exersaucer sale
$200 - reimbursement for parking permit at J's work. He didn't know that he could do that til recently.
$100 - partial payment of tickets that I sold to a co-worker. There's still $375 left on this to pay but we made an agreement that I'll receive $100 fortnightly until it is paid off.
$275 - my net backdated income on top of the net increase :)

J and I were just talking about how stable our spending has been for awhile now. Despite our increased income, our lifestyle hasn't changed and our budget has remained the same, except for the $50 bi-weekly top up that we made to our grocery budget.

He claims that he has been good, and yes he has been. I'm grateful that he is on the boat with me. I find myself going back to our previous lifestyle pre-kid. It was too easy to just spend, so much time to fill...but that was then. Our reality now is different and, to some extent, it gave me more purpose.

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