Sep 12, 2009

below $30k mark

As of this post, consumer debt has gone below the $30k mark! It's not even the end of the month. We still have a few scheduled payments as per our budget for the month of September.


Much as I'd like to put all of our extra money towards debt payments, we have just gotten our insulation installed a couple of weeks ago. We are paying for it in cash. All $2,500.06 of it. Cos of that our savings will be dented a lot.

Our car got into a tiny accident against a brick wall a couple of months back. The right rear side is dented a bit and scratched paint off. The exposed areas are now rusting. J got a quote for $1k to make it pretty again. Our insurance excess is $300. So there are 2 good reasons we need to keep saving. I am also following Suze Orman's new credit card strategy for this recession. I don't pay them in exact minimum. I round them off to the nearest ten (e.g. if $63, I round off to $70) and fix it to that until I can feel some improvement in the economy.

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