Jul 27, 2009

i like to have one!

I love these shirts:

Photo courtesy of Offtheback.co.nz
Photo courtesy of redbubble.com

I really find it amusing pronouncing fish as fush. I do! Just like when J says the word special. It sounds so pleasant in my ears, though to you it might sound so normal.

Someday I will get each of us a Kiwiana shirt. We might move to the US in the next year or 2. That would be another post to come.


  1. Anonymous29/7/09 00:28

    Are you originally from the US?

  2. Not me, my husband is.

    What about you?

  3. I love the t-shirts too! But I am losing my accent and last time I was home everyone kept asking me where I was from.
    I think I still say "fush", at least I don't say "pearl" instead of "pool" like those other folk!!