Jul 28, 2009

health insurance

Another year, another age bracket. Our health insurance payment will be upped to $46.06 from $41.96 fortnightly. Had we not been good insurers - not making any claims - we'd have paid around $4 more.

Doesn't it suck that every year you enter another age bracket? I don't even know why they call it that when there's no bracket to begin with.

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  1. Anonymous30/7/09 04:01

    My recommendation: get rid of the health insurance and put it towards your CC debt. If something really drastic happens the public health sector will take care of it.

    I don't know what sort of interest rates you are paying on your CCs but that has to be your major focus. Not telling you anything you don't know, but you need to get on with it.

    Another thing, blogging about debt, does not actually mean paying debt off. It's like joining a gym. Joining feels good but one actually has to go and work out to get any benefit.

    Your debt has hardly moved since you started blogging.

    If you need motivation, here it is: Most people take pleasure in other peoples financial problems, including "friends" who read your blog.

    It's time to provide your audience with less entertainment and get busy.