Jun 9, 2009

bringing healthy back. yeah!

After the jet lag came the sickness. My toddler had a temp on Friday morning and was just so miserable. Poor bub! We took him to the 24-hour clinic at the hospital (paid $10) at 6am. We thought he had a stomach flu of some sort because he was hardly eating and passing gas regularly (which he found so funny!). After a few hours I saw his canker sores in his mouth. That was why he was constantly dribbling. I thought he had a very sore throat, which the doctor checked and saw it wasn't, or that he was teething again.

The same day I felt ill with sore throat and started coughing and began sneezing. What a bad weekend to be spent inside with the sun shining. Anyway, we are all well now. Oh yeah, J felt ill Friday afternoon and came home early. I stayed home to care for the bub and managed to do a bit of work.

Because of being sick our grocery shopping was postponed and we haven't done any of it yet. We have been eating though as we have enough stocked in our pantry. I've been keen to do the shopping myself so that there is only 1 decision-maker in the supermarket. I feel that I will be less likely to spend more when my loved ones aren't with me. I'm very susceptible to giving love through shopping. I can also take my time and make careful decisions (although I still need more practice on this area).

So far we've spent about $34 on food. The budget still stands at $250 fortnightly. It hasn't changed for the last year. I'm hoping to stick to it if I'm unable to reduce it. I've yet to master grocery shopping with a kid involved. I also need to learn menu planning and learning more recipes that truly stick in my brain. I wish I could freeze fajitas like Sense but J doesn't like frozen Mexican food. :(

Life is going well. Nothing too exciting happening but J and I have talked about being more social. A friend is coming over this weekend to hang out. That would be nice. Since the time I got pregnant 2 years ago, our social life really changed to boring. On being active, I want to do a bit of running before dinner. I've been thinking about it a lot. We'll see.

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