May 2, 2009

ranting about jobs

J hasn't been all that happy about his job. His options here in NZ are not a lot at the moment and the great jobs seem to be everywhere but here! I've told him that I will support his decision to apply at jobs in the US or in Australia. As I work in IT, it is easier for me to find jobs elsewhere.

My only concern is the recession. I've looked online and found more job openings in Australia and the US than in NZ. Doesn't that kind of suck? My team is currently hiring a replacement for a co-worker who's leaving in a few months. Apparently my company has taken actions in the past 2 years to curb spending and can afford to keep employees. I like my job a lot but I know that in another year or two I will want to move on. When/if J decides that his option in NZ are more limited and therefore move on, I will decide to stay in my current organization.

When it comes to careers, I'm very supportive of getting the best. My sister who has been employed in the same company for 10 years is now thinking of moving on. In this recession! She's feeling the limited options because she lives in a country where English isn't an official language.

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