Apr 12, 2009

one debt at a time

2008 was my learning-to-walk period. I tried to pay as many debts as possible hence not killing any of them until I decided to focus on 2 reachable goals. Last year we paid off our TV and something else that I can't remember anymore. Now that it's 2009, I need to get that groove back but I need it polished.

Our smallest debt is standing at $1,208. It also has the highest interest at 19.45%. This April is about socking as much money as possible to get a leftover of $1k after insulation is installed. I tend to follow Dave Ramsey's 8 Baby Steps. After the next paycheck, the leftover will be put towards debt payments.

After bills and minimum debt payments, we usually have a leftover of $700. That's a lot of extra and using that wisely will get us debt-free sooner. With that much, our smallest debt of $1,208 can be paid off in less than a month. That will be our May goal. Hoo haa!

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