Apr 12, 2009

just topped up petrol

We refilled our car's petrol today for the first time since getting it. We reset all the meter thingies to monitor its performance. Its current odometer is at 55k mark. It's 8 years old but it sure looks new. It's classified as Signature Class.

Our car's Signature Class benefits:
  • 5 years unlimited kilometer warranty
  • 5 years AA road service
  • 5 years free WOF checks
  • Comprehensive Toyota Certification Centre check
  • Certified Mileage
  • Nationwide Customer Support
Our car has 5-year warranty and I think the standard benefit is at 3 years. It has the kind of insurance that any driver driving it is insured, so that means I can cancel my AA membership and possibly get a refund. :)

Our first petrol cost is $47.58 for half a tank as it was half full. We read plenty of times that you save more on petrol if you keep your car as full as possible at all times. I'm hoping that we only use half a tank until next pay day in 10 days.

Oohh I love it! When we're just cruising it uses electric. When we reverse it uses electric. J and I believe in being eco-friendly but it can be oh so costly

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