Apr 9, 2009

no pay increase just yet. bummer.

My salary increase isn't going to take effect until next pay day. I thought it would on the latest one because my manager mentioned that he would get it effected for the next pay day, which was this week's. I also saw that my unpaid leave due to taking care of my baby on sick days also took effect on this last pay check. Sucks. My pay was $100 less than the usual. Urgh. So, I will need to re-excite myself again for the next pay check. :-P That's kind of weird to say but I'm sure I'll be excited to check my next pay slip.

I also found out that Kiwisaver deduction is based on the gross salary I get on fortnightly basis. My last contribution was around $98 instead of the usual $110. I thought it was based on gross annual salary. That was a surprise! I only contribute 4% but everytime I have leftover from my $100 allowance I put it into Kiwisaver, no matter how small it is. I got J's leftover allowance also contributed. At some point when we're no longer in debt, we'll begin increasing our Kiwisaver contribution including upping it to 8%. Sigh. Dreams and goals...

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