Apr 7, 2009

increased income

With the tax cuts taking effect on 1 April and my $1k raise, our next net income is increased. I'm excited for that because we're sooooo keen to pay off our debt!

J's take home pay has increased to around $50/fortnight excluding Kiwisaver contribution and health insurance that are already taken out before his pay is deposited to our account. I can't access my payslip online so I will just have to wait until tomorrow to find out. I'm at home today nursing a sick little man.

We have about $1700 saved and we're $1300 away from our goal of $3k by May. We are going to insulate our underfloor and top up the roof before freezing Wellington winter kicks in. We got 2 quotes and both were around $2k. We wanted to have at least $1k left before we go ahead with the insulation. We chose to go with Energy Smart rather than with Poly Palace because the former allows for adjustment in case we proceed with kitchen renovation in the future. Poly Palace isn't flexible like that although I think their product insulates better. Energy Smart's quote was actually $2700 but we get the subsidy of $700 or so I think. Wee!

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