Feb 28, 2009

diet shoots up food budget

J finally decided to do Weight Watcher's and is adamant that he sticks to the first week diet called Fast Start. The menu for the entire week is composed of simple dishes that he can prepare himself. I decided to join in on the diet so we bought food that's good for two.

We chose the cheaper alternatives, like we opted for tofu instead of meat. A number of ingredients are already in our pantry but the shopping still shot up our budget by $30 or so. My concern came when I realised that we only bought for 7 days. That means we still have 3 days to plan or buy for. I'm sure we can manage to get through those 3 days, what with the pantry's contents we can definitely get by.

I just wonder sometimes if sticking to a healthy diet is really not cheap as most people, including me, think. I feel and look like I lost weight. Sometimes when I see people walking and eating some unhealthy food I cringe because that used to me. It's still me only I don't do it regular anymore. We'll see what comes out of this week-long diet. Cross your fingers for us! :)

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