Feb 27, 2009

WOF passed!

We went to get a WOF a few days early just to see whether we'd pass it or not. The guys at the shop who last performed checks on our car said that we needed to replace the ball joints or we wouldn't pass WOF. I just can't help but challenge that. After all, WOF check is unbiased and not motivated by sales.

And so we passed! Despite that, I can't help but wonder what really is/are the issue(s) of our car. Can anybody suggest any impartial car expert? We're thinking of going for the AA pre-purchase car inspection for $125 ($150 for non-members). I'd rather spend that and be sure than just spend a lot more money for trusting some greedy repairman.

We only paid $45 instead of $50 for WOF, by the way. We saved a coupon at the back of our Pak N' Save receipt - $5 off on WOF in Wellington branches of VTNZ. Not much but it's still a score :)

 I wish we had a fuel efficient car that we can use to get to work and daycare. Our car is really good for distance travelling and I'd rather we keep it for that purpose and not drive it to early death. I wish we had lots of money to just get a car right now! If public transport were only cheaper I would've chosen that route rather than use the car. And if only public transport had more routes, especially in the inner suburbs.


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